Rabbits are curious, inquisitive animals who require as much stimulation as a cat or dog. It is cruel to exile a rabbit to a backyard hutch. Toys are important to keep your rabbit occupied. Excellent toys include: plastic Slinkies(use with supervision), willow balls to toss, hard plastic baby toys (keys, rattles), plastic whiffle balls, hanging parrot toys, toilet paper tubes (empty or stuffed with hay), hay tubs for digging, woven grass mats and untreated baskets, small paper cups to carry, a tub or box stuffed with wadded paper, old telephone books, concrete tube forms to serve as a tunnel, big Tonka trucks (especially dump trucks), toddler plastic play sets, cat playhouses, cardboard boxes with a small entry hole (for remodeling). Rotate toys to prevent boredom. You’re only limited by your imagination! One note of caution, be sure that your bunny can’t get their head or paw stuck in the toy, and won’t choke on small pieces. Hard plastic is safe to chew, and soft plastic should be avoided; beware of plastics that contain lead-based pigments (e.g. electrical wiring, old paint, some ceramics).