Are you interested in adopting a bunny?  Please find a contact info in this page.

Want to buy local hay?  Please find a contact info on this page or call  608-509-4774.

Interested in being a WHRS member? Please contact from this page.

For general inquiries, please fill out the contact form below or call 608-509-7442.

Also, we have a facebook page.

For other questions :

Please understand it may take a few days to respond you.

If you are trying to surrender your rabbit, please do not contact us but rather contact your local shelter. Our focus is to assist shelters with their rabbit populations. Here is a guide for finding a home for an unwanted rabbit.

PLEASE DO NOT ask any urgent medical question via the mail form. Contact your veterinarians immediately (see local vets list).

If you get an error message, please send your email to :

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