companionsMost rabbit caregivers find their rabbits are happier with a companion. In our experience, rabbits have strong opinions about the choice of companion, just as human’s do. Therefore it is best to let the rabbit chose his or her friend. WHRS maintains a “rabbit dating service,” where you can bring your rabbit and let him/her meet eligible rabbits; we have extensive experience in uniting couples. Both rabbits must be spayed or neutered to prevent fighting. There is nothing cuter than two bunnies washing each other, or hanging out side by side, yin-yang style. Plus, your rabbit will have a companion to spend time with while you are asleep or at work. Two rabbits are no more work than one, and are definitely twice the fun! To learn how to bond rabbits, check out the resources on House Rabbit Society’s website.

Alternatively, rabbits interact with other animals. Rabbits and cats often get along well, provided the latter is an indoor cat; similarly, we have placed many rabbits in homes with well-trained dogs who accept rabbit as part of the pack. Quite often it is the rabbit who becomes the boss of the house!