Finding a Veterinarian for Your Rabbit

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From a medical point of view, rabbits are considered an “exotic” species. This means that only specially trained veterinarians are able to treat them correctly. In addition, a competent rabbit veterinarian is likely to have experience with a wide variety of rabbit medical problems and thus a practice with many rabbit patients.

The Wisconsin House Rabbit Society recognizes that not all veterinarians have this level of interest and expertise in rabbit medicine. Nevertheless as an organization we do not endorse any veterinarian nor make any claims about competence or incompetence in the practice of rabbit medicine. If you have taken your rabbit to a veterinarian claiming to be able to treat rabbits but you feel he or she did not treat your rabbit appropriately, you may file a complaint with the Board of Veterinary Medicine.

As a public service, WHRS is providing names and contact information of veterinarians who have had an extended relationship with WHRS members. Those listed below have received a good report from at least three currently active WHRS members, or they have had at least a ten-year relationship with at least one WHRS rescuer who has cared for multiple rabbits over the years. WHRS continues to solicit the opinions of its members. Please be aware that this list is for specific veterinarians practicing at a particular clinic.

Dr. Meryl examining foster Monica

We recognize that these veterinarians are located primarily in South Central and South Eastern Wisconsin, where most of our membership resides at this time. If you are unable to patronize one of these clinics, we have listed below websites which give advice on locating a good rabbit veterinarian. To this we would add the option of posting on the WHRS Facebook page to ask about veterinarians that others use in your area. You might also ask your local animal shelter if it has an outside exotics veterinarian it uses for rabbits. This task should be done before your rabbit needs medical attention.

The veterinarians below are ordered by area code