Cottontail Cottages

Cottontail Cottages


Order from our Bun Shoppe on this website and pick up in Milwaukee.

Special fundraiser. 

No shipping charges, which reduces the cost considerably!!


Cottontail Cottage

Three levels (the floors for the two upper levels are made with double-wall cardboard for extra strength)

Ramps between levels for easy jumping access

Several doors and windows at each level — great for running through and peeking out

Cutouts and graphics give it the look of a quaint cottage, which will look nice in any living room

Blank name sign above one of the doors to write your pet’s name (in non-toxic ink)

The front has a large opening at the bottom, and paned windows which swing open on the second level. If your rabbit or cat prefers to jump in and out from the window, it is perforated for easy removal. On the left side shown is a paned swinging door. Again, this can be easily removed, depending on your pet’s preferences

Made of chew-safe cardboard and printed with soy-based ink

Recommended for rabbits under 9 pounds and cats under 15 pounds. 24″ tall x 18″ square. Shipped flat

This custom-made cardboard playhouse is a hit with rabbits and cats alike!

A great remodeling project for industrious bunnies.

A fun decorating project for humans.

A great place to relax for tired bunnies.