J.W.’s Eye Removal Surgery

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Pre-Surgery with his bonded mate Lucy.


WHRS accepted J.W. from another “rescue”  because we learned that he was being housed outdoors with pigs.  We were told that he was fine.   When he came to WHRS, Renee saw that he was filthy and had e-cuniculi related cataracts.  After Renee spent hours cleaning him up, J.W. went into a WHRS sanctuary, where he received medical care and was treated for parasites and e-cuniculi.   There he met Lucy, a stray who had been dumped in a park, who also had e.c. cataracts.  The two became deeply bonded and experienced the joys companionship for the first time.  Unfortunately, Lucy had some serious anomalies in her G.I. tract, and we couldn’t save her.  Once again, J.W. was alone.  Also, his cataract was progressing in one eye to the point of creating a prolapsed lens.  He needed an enucleation.  A new adopter agreed to take him if we could provide the surgery to remove his eye and if he got along with her two small bonded male pair.   We tried an introduction, and the threesome was perfect.  J.W. was in heaven again.   So now, we just need to raise the funds for the removal of J.W.’s eye.  Once he is healed, he will become part of this wonderful trio and his isolation will once again be over.


Post surgery, left eye removed.

Bunny date with Kai and Zwei.




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