About WHRS

The Wisconsin Chapter shares the mission of the national House Rabbit Society: to rescue homeless rabbits and to provide education and outreach on rabbit care.  Our mission is realized through the efforts of numerous volunteers, and regular activities which include:

  • Spaying and neutering rabbits rescued from local shelters.
  • Fostering rabbits as they await adoption into permanent, loving homes.
  • Providing veterinary care for foster rabbits, some with serious health problems.
  • Training foster rabbits to use a litterbox and enjoy a healthy diet.
  • Publishing quarterly newsletter for members.
  • Maintaining a website regarding the health, nutrition, behavior and care of rabbits as in-home companion animals.
  • Providing sanctuary to rabbits who have chronic health conditions or who need specialized, long-term care.
  • Hosting community educational activities such as Bunny Day.
  • Assisting shelters with hoarding or confiscation cases involving a large numbers of rabbits.

Charlotte and AnnabelleAdoption is a primary goal. WHRS rescues rabbits that would otherwise be euthanized at area shelters due to lack of space, health, or behavioral concerns. Every rabbit placed in a loving, forever home means another can be rescued.  Please visit our adoption page to learn about the rabbits currently available for adoption through WHRS.

If you are interested in living with a rabbit, but have never done so before, we recommend you visit our Rabbit Care page. The information will help you decide if a rabbit is the right companion animal for your household, lifestyle, and level of commitment.

If you have a rabbit and would like to find a friend for him or her, we are glad to assist with this process. Visit our Library and read “The Dating Game” for more information.

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