How to make an online payment

We accept payment from major credit cards, bank cards, and PayPal.

  • Please prepare a valid email address to process your transaction.
  • You don’t need to create your PayPal account.
  • We do not receive your card information so that your account will be safe.

Step-by-step instruction

When you find an yellow button as shown below, just click it.

Then a new payment window will open. (click figures to enlarge)


  1. Please select your payment method first.
    •  “Direct Payment” … Pay with your credit card or bank card
    •  “PayPal Payment” … Pay with your PayPal account
  2. Recurring payment option.
    If you check this check box, PayPal collects your payment every month. Please remind how to cancel your recurring payment before you check the box.

    •  “Direct Payment” … You need to contact us to cancel a recurring payment.
    •  “PayPal Payment” … You may cancel a recurring payment anytime at your PayPal account page.
  3. Log in
    •  “Direct Payment” … Click “Continue” link  or “Pay with an online bank account”
    •  “PayPal Payment” … Fill information to login window

After the transaction is done, you will see the following page.
Your donation is tax deductible. If you need a receipt, click the link to the receipt and print it before you close the window. Once the window is closed, you can’t access to the receipt.

(click the figure to enlarge)


The bottom part is for applying a PayPal account. If you don’t need a PayPal account, do not fill this part and close the window.