Easter Adoption

They’re cute, fuzzy, little symbols of spring and Eastertime. Many people are tempted to buy one and bring it home. But each year, the majority of these “gifts” are later left to live lonely lives in hutches, surrendered to animal shelters, released into the wild, or any number of worse case scenarios.

In response to the “Easter bunny problem”, rabbit rescue groups worldwide work to educate the public about rabbits as companion animals. We discourage the gifting of baby bunnies. We encourage the sharing of accurate health and care information when someone considers making a commitment to a rabbit.

Here are ways you can contribute to this effort:
  1. Post flyers on public bulletin boards. These simple posters can spread the message at libraries, stores and shoppes, community centers, diners and cafes, office breakrooms, etc. Below are three poster options you can print and use:
  2. Write a letter to your local newspaper editor. A sample letter can be found here.
  3. Support the efforts and message of the Make Mine Chocolate campaign.  www.makeminechocolate.org