Chloe’s Dental Surgery

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Chloe is a beautiful Dutch rabbit who came to WHRS due to her behavior. We were told she was very aggressive and screamed when picked up. Rabbits only “scream” or “squeal” when they’re terrified and feel they’re in a life-threatening situation. That told us Chloe’s behavior was based on fear. She’s afraid and can’t escape from her cage, so she tries to defend herself. Take away the cage and she’s a different rabbit!

Chloe went to a foster home where she didn’t have to be caged. Her foster mom said that she behaves more like a dog than a rabbit. She’s smart enough to learn tricks and is lots of fun to watch run around and do bunny leaps into the air. She’s a very curious rabbit and loves to explore. She’s always on the lookout for some new activity, or ready to follow you around hoping for a treat.

While Chloe was in foster care it became apparent that she was having trouble with her incisors. She loved pieces of carrots and apples, but became hesitant to bite down hard enough to eat them. We scheduled a vet exam and were surprised to discover that her upper incisors had since broken off at her gum line. With time her incisors grew back and appeared to be normal. But recently we noticed that her teeth were longer than normal and were not aligned properly. We took her in for a vet exam and were informed that she needs dental work on both her incisors and molars, which will be quite expensive.

That’s why we’re reaching out to you. Without the required dental work Chloe cannot be made available for adoption. Our mission is to find permanent, loving homes for the rabbits we rescue. Please help us help Chloe by donating towards her dental surgery.

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